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We all have heard about so many skincare rules right, but are they all true? There is a lot of incorrect information roaming the skincare world. Today we are busting the popular skincare myths 😎. So let’s begin.

Skin Myth #1: “ You don’t need sunscreen when it’s not sunny ”

It is always important to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen even if it's not sunny. Your skin is always exposed to UV rays so it is important to wear sunscreen even if it’s cloudy or if you are just sitting at home.

Skin Myth #2: “Oily skin doesn’t need a moisturizer”

There are a lot of external factors that affect the barrier of the skin, like stress, pollution, causing the skin to overproduce oil. I have seen people who have oily skin constantly wash their faces to get rid of the oil. But when you constantly wash your face, the oil does get removed but if your face doesn’t have enough moisture it reproduces the oil and your face becomes oily again. So it is important for everyone to use a moisturizer. If you have oily skin then it’s better that you use light water or gel-based moisturizer. If you don’t like the oily look then you can always opt for a matte moisturizer.

Skin Myth #3: “Using a toner to close my pores”

There are a lot of people who use toners thinking it will help you to close your pores but turns out they are wrong, toners don’t actually help you to close your pores. Pores actually don’t open and close rather they stay the same as always. And what a toner does is that it helps to balance the pH of your skin and it helps with better product absorption. If you want to clean your pores what you can do is steam your face or use a clay mask. They help you to loosen the oil and dirt from your pores giving you non-clogged skin.

Skin Myth #4: “ You can remove blackheads with scrubbing ”

The blackheads are formed when your pores are clogged and you cannot remove them just by scrubbing your face. To remove blackheads, what you can do is steam your face, what steaming does is that they help you to loosen up the dirt and oil that’s clogging our pores. If not you can get a cleanup procedure done professionally.

Skin Myth #5: “ Use what your friends use ”

We often ask our friends which products they use to get such clear skin, so you can have the same. We also love listening to the recommendations of our favorite beauty gurus to get clear skin. This theory might make sense but in reality, it doesn’t. All people have different skin types and skin needs. Just because a product worked out for your friend doesn’t mean it will work out for you. So what you can do to get clear skin is to use products that are suitable for you.

Skin Myth #6: “ The more expensive the skincare product, the better the result ”

Just because a skincare product is expensive, doesn’t mean it is always good and will work out for you. It’s always the ingredients that define a product, So what you can do is to find the right ingredients that are suitable for your face. It doesn’t matter if it is cheap or expensive as long as it’s suitable for your skin.

Skin Myth #7: “ Using facial wipes is the best substitute for a cleanser ”

If you love make up then facial wipes or makeup wipes must be your best friend but they are not a substitute for your facial cleanser. If you got some eyeshadow fallout or a smudged eyeliner or mascara then makeup wipes are the best choice to remove them. But if you want to remove all the makeup from your face then using a makeup wipe might not be a good idea. The makeup wipes don’t really remove all the makeup from your face and the chemical they contain might clog your pores. So if you want to remove makeup then the best way is to use an oil cleanser or a foam cleanser.

Skin Myth #8: “ Junk food gives you pimples ”

All junk foods might be bad for your health but not all of them cause pimples. Foods with a high glycemic index are the ones that cause you pimples that include white bread, baked goods, sugary sodas, sweets, and alcohol. So staying away from these foods will help you with pimples even dairy foods can give you pimples so avoid that as well.

Skin Myth #9: “Never squeeze a pimple ”

We all know not to pop a pimple but sometimes we just can’t help it. So in those times rather than using an extractor use a sterilized needle to pop the pimple then steam your face. Also, don’t forget to clean your face and keep the would clean for faster healing.

Skin Myth #10: ”Makeup causes pimples ”

I have heard a lot of people saying makeup is bad for your skin and it causes breakouts. Actually, makeup doesn’t cause you to break out. If you don’t remove them properly that’s what causes pimples. Also when using foundation it’s important to prep your skin. Use a good primer or moisturizer before using the foundation. And always double or triple cleanse your skin if you are wearing makeup.

Skin Myth #11: “If it’s tingling then it’s working ”

When a product tingles it does not mean it’s not working rather it means your skin is getting irritated and the skin is showing you that it didn’t like the product. This usually happens when the product contains menthol, peppermint, or camphor. Over the period this damages the skin and it also causes bacteria growth and pimples.

Skin Myth #12: “You can use body lotions on your face”

The skin on your face is the thinnest as compared to other parts of your body. And they need more moisture and hydration than your face. So if you use a body lotion on your face then it is too heavy for the face it might clog your skin and cause you to break out. So try to use a moisturizer that is meant for the face.

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